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My first tag!!!!!YAAY~~!!!
I feel like I don't really contribute much to deviantart personally ,so I thought that maybe I could use this tag as a chance for deviants to get to know me a little better. And I also hope more people do this tag in order to get to know eachother better aswell.!!!





1) My favorite color is blue.(either a light baby blue or and an intense sapphire blue)

2) I share my birthday month with my grandparents.(my grandapa's is 25 of december, my grandma's is 31 of december and mine is 30 of december)

3) I love frozen chocolates(bars or bon bons):iconnomnomplz:

4) My favorite manga are Shaman King, Soul Eater, Magi:the labyrinth of magic and Yu Yu Hakusho.

5) I love mythology.(especially greek mythology)

6) I love wearing pijamas all day.!^w^

7) When I was a baby, I didn't like bananas.( and I still don't  -_-")

8) My family says I look like doctor Temprance Brenan from the crime series Bones.(which I am fan of along with my mom >w<)

9) My favorite gemstone is amethyst.

10) I have blue eyes.

11) At the mall, I love looking at the jewelery stores and shops.

12) I am a terrible singer.>.<"

13) My favorite fairy tales are Cinderella and Rapunzel.

14) I love wearing pretty dresses!

15) I hate uneven skin colors.(or more like uneven tanning, having your arms and legs tanned and your body a lighter tone, I prefer having the body have an even coloration if possible)

16) I love watching cooking shows.

Most embarrassing moment: I believe my most embarrassing moment was at a family reunion at my great-grandma's house, it was getting late and most of my relatives were going home how ever there were still quite a few left since my family is really huge!!some of my more distant cousins and I were on the trampoline and we were taking turns jumping on the trampoline to see who could make everyone else jump while they were laying down, by the time my turn came it was time for me to leave but before I leave I asked my mom if I could at least jump once, she said it was okay. So I prepared myself for the biggest jump ever, I was determined to make everyone else jump at least a foot off the trampoline, I jumped and came crashing down, I succeeded in my goal. A look of triumph on my face as I straighted up, to be followed by questioning look upon seeing my mom's suprised face. I looked down to shockingly see my pants at my knees!!!!!!the force of my landing caused my pants to fall down!!!!!!All the glory I had felt vanished instanly and I fumbled to get my pants on!!!!luckily all my cousins that had stayed were girls so the embarrassment wasn't so crushing, at least everyone got a good laugh that night.

I tag: no one, you may do this tag if you wish, besides, I believe one enjoys doing things more if they have the option to choose if they wish to do it or not rather than forcing someone to do it.

I hope you this tag everyone!!!!!!!!:iconbunnyloveplz:



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Toshinden-fanclub Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello can i ask you for an arttrade or collab??? Painter
And would you be ok if the theme is bellydancing?

:P (Lick)Oh and before i would send then the note (if you like doing the RQ/AT) which styl of bellydancing your OC ladies would like to learn:
Turkish bellydance (wild, less acrobatic) or Kurdish (slow but majestic)??? :p (Lick)
Lethochimera Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
Wow!I feel nervous!this is the first time anyone has asked me to collab or arttrade with them. I am not sure what to do!!!!but yeah, bellydancing is okay; it gives me a good reason to go all out on colors and patterns again!!!(>w<)
considering my OC's personality(Iris is the one that knows how to dance so... meh)it would be kurdish as you said.
but if it is not too much trouble would you explain to me how arttrades and collabs work?
aprict Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014
you who read the manga yu yu hakusho (and knows more than me).
what do you think the relationship between Hiei and Mokuro?

Kurama and Hiei? (I know they are only friends, but I was always suspicious) xDD
Lethochimera Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014
well, sure I have read it 20 times form start to finish but that does not mean that my thoughts will be the same as another person. so take this as my opinion and not as facts please.
the relationship between Hiei and Mukuro was somewhat unsettling(maybe because Mukuro almost blew a hole in Hiei's adomen the size of a basketball!)but the truth is that both of them understand each other since they both know the meaning of pain and desire for power. Hiei respects Mukuro because of her power and dictatorship skills and Mukuro appreciate Hiei's honesty(even if it is sometimes brutal)and loyalty. they feel they can be themselves(because don't we all wish for a person like that?) but, it is an overall platonic relationship.

as for Kurama and Hiei it is a little scary to talk about them even though Yoshihiro Togashi had said that he originally thought them to be a couple, he dropped the idea. but now since they have so many yaoi fangirls and I don't doubt that some are agressive. but I stick with my own opinion that Kurama and Hiei are just really good friends. they have known each other for various years now, they had time to build up their friendship.It was thanks to that inccident with Yatsude that they became friends(I won't spoil it for you anymore, you have to read the manga!XP)anyways, after this inccident Hiei came to trust Kurama and could rely on him. That is why when they first appear they seem very casual with each other and since they usually potrayed together some people insinuated they were together romantically. but you also need to think why they act the way they do. I believe Hiei holds Kurama in high regard because of his reputation as the demon fox, having been known for being powerful, cunning and ruthless. It may also be because of his experience because tecnichally Kurama is over 1000 years old!in relation to Hiei who is speculated to be around 16 or 99 years old because the race that he belongs to reaches puberty at 100 years, and Yukina has not reached that point yet. Because Hiei is Yukina's twin, he is somewhere between that age range as well. So tecnichally Hiei is still a child and therefor probably views Kurama as a "role-model" since he usually "goes" to Kurama for advice(it is really Kurama that goes to Hiei to give him advice. (- u -''))
These are my opinions so if you don't agree with some of them please don't get angry.

but may I ask why you would ask my opinion on their relationships?
aprict Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014
Yoshihiro Togashi seriously say this?
did not know, and news to me.

good as I to creating a next generation of yu yu hakusho.

wanted to make sure if Hiei like is Makuro or not

had two possibilities:

1. Creates a child, the Mokuro and he (if he gostase her romantica )
2. have an apprentice

as you take my questions will get the option 2 
Yes I will take up a fanfiction xD

Lethochimera Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014
Yes he does, it is stated in the yu yu hakusho wiki.
I was wondering if you had planned for all characters to have children because actually neither Kurama nor Hiei have a love interest ,though my story is different than your story because in mine supposedly my OC Iris ends up with Hiei. it is a really slow love development since Yu Yu Hakusho is an action manga does not have alot of romance except Yusuke and Keikos', Kuwabara and Yukinas'( and Sensui and Itsukis'?XD)
(1 Reply)
JigokuShii Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE I hope you have a day as amazing as you
Lethochimera Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
Oh!thank you sooooooo much jigokushii; I can't believe you took some of your precious time to congratulate me!!thank you so very much again!!oh! And HAPPY NEW YEAR~~!!!!
Though I am sorry I haven't uploaded anything new yet, my mom and I have not had the chance to go pick up my scanner that just got cleaned.
JigokuShii Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
haha, of course! youre one of my fave artists on da~!
and a happy new year to you too!
and thats understandable >u< i can not wait till you upload again!
Lethochimera Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
Do you really mean it? that is so sweet for you to say!!! you are one of my favorites aswell, your vivid use of color pencils is awesome!!!!!
well, wait no more; both of our prayers have answered!!my Mom said that later in the afternoon we'll go get the scanner!!!! so wait a few more hours or tomorrow at most for new drawings!!!!!!I can't wait!!!!!!!!(>w<)
(1 Reply)
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